How do I get my FREE DRIVE to / from the airport?

On your first trip to or from the airport, you will receive a stamp from our chauffeur - which looks like this:

For every trip to / from the airport you will receive a stamp on your stamp. If you book your free trip online, please inform us in the form under "Note" about the free trip.
If you would like to call us for a ride by phone, please let us know.

Important Information!

  • 1 business card with 10 stamps = 1 free
  • Free travel can only be redeemed within Vienna.
  • Additional addresses are not included in the free trip.
  • Your free ride is for the type of vehicle you ordered most.

For example: If you have a normal taxi 8 times and ordered one. Mini Van 2 time - your free trip is then available for a normal taxi.